Spaghetti Western

(Written and performed by Reynold D. Philipsek copyright 1993 re-released and mastered 2012)
Reynold-lots of guitars, bass, knee slap horse hooves, wooden “train flute,” whoops and hollers, tambourine
Recording engineer-Stymie Seamans

This song originally came out in 1993 and I re-released it on the “Last Summer” album in 2012.

On all of the more successful “solo” recordings, my friend Stymie Seamans was the engineer, and they were recorded in his quaint, and somewhat rustic, studio near Lake Minnetonka.

Stymie and I have worked together so long that not much talk is involved. He knows what I want and knows exactly how to get it realized.

I have recorded in many studios great and small (including Paisley Park) but my best records were made in Stymie’s basement.

One source of obvious influence on this song was Ennio Morricone’s music scores for the so-called “Dollars trilogy” which were, as many know, three films shot in Italy starring Clint Eastwood with a Wild West theme; ergo the term “Spaghetti Western.”

Be Kind.