March 2012

Reynold D. Philipsek’s “LAST SUMMER”:  Though Reynold’s work is usually more oriented along the gypsy jazz line (one of his prime influences was Django), he shows us some other aspects of his abilities here to scope out the superb Sunflower to get a taste of the other Reynold. He clearly demonstrates that he understands one of the more important elements of great jazz everywhere “have FUN with it” & fortunately for you (the listener), he has no compunctions about sharing the gaiety! My personal favorite track of the 10 offered was Bangkok Sunset. Reynold & his cohorts fuse their energies into one high-sounding piece that will whirl you around the globe. I give Reynold a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an EQ (energy quotient) rating of 4.98. Get more information at his website. Improvijazzation Nation

April 30, 2011

An instrumentalist that knows his stuff, you shouldn’t bag him in new age or jazz just because he can command a solo stage on his own. It’s solid instrumental music. [Tales from the North Woods is] tasty stuff for acoustic guitar fans to really dig into all the way. Chris Spector, Midwest Record Review –


Jazz guitarist and composer Reynold D. Philipsek has ideas that don’t seem to end. With more than twenty albums, he proves himself a true original.
Michael Dregni, author of Django (the Life and Music of a Gypsy Legend)

September 1989

Reynold Philipsek chops cool steel-string rhythm behind his often cynical observations on modern life. His clear-toned chord melodies show his breadth in instrumental settings away from wry futuristic folk. Guitar Player Magazine

August 2011

Reynold D. Philipsek’s “TALES FROM THE NORTH WOODS”: There are no more fun tales to be told than those from a guitarist with total talent, and Reynold is clearly in that category! I thoroughly enjoyed his “Goatee and Shades” mayhaps coz it took me back to memories of my own Beatnik daze! Ten (mostly) short songs that keep your brain spinning, like the deep-toned sort of like Django gypsy meets 60’s beat-gen hippified funster music (whatever that means. lol). Highly energetic guitar music that will keep you flying for days. I give Reynold a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an EQ (energy quotient) rating of 4.95. Rotcod Zzaj (aka Dick Metcalf) Improvijazzation Nation

July 30, 2010

Click here for review of All the Things You Are. This is music of color and depth, narrative and emotion. Pamela Espeland,

July 27, 2010

Click here for the JazzPolice review of All the Things You Are. With All the Things You Are, Reynold Philipsek indeed gives us everything he is, everywhere he has been, and hints at all that he has yet to discover. Andrea Canter, JazzPolice.

August 1991

I have spent a few years howling to the moon about Reynold Philipsek, a Midwestern original whose writing style is a sort of twisted blend of Edward Hopper and Randy Newman. He’s a guitar player of some ability, to boot. CMJ Network

April 2012

REVIEW: Reynold D. Philipsek’s Last Summer Reynold D. Philipsek has released music for over 20 years and with a brand new album, his fans are sure to be anxious to hear what he is offering next. The album begins with July where, along with his fantastic guitar playing, he sings. The song looks for a place where it always feels like July, which in this case means beautiful and warm. The song is basically an introduction to the rest of the album, and once the door opens, it’s 28 minutes of great songs and playing. He mixes up acoustic and electric sounds, while with Bangkok Sunset he busts out the metal vibe, brings in a horn section and strings and makes things even more heavier. If the album cover is somewhat 60’s influenced, that’s on purpose. The liner notes indicate that was his intention, while also bringing back the vibe of French and Italian music. In fact, this sounds like music that needs the perfect movie, and I hope he will be able to find it in order to bring these songs to a visual life.

This is Book’s Music April 28th, 2012

April 10, 2009

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