Hong Kong Harry

“Hong Kong Harry” Written by Reynold Philipsek 1994 copyright Zino-Rephi Music Guitars, voice, bass. Keys-Reynold Trombone, trumpet-Zane Schaefer Trumpet-Lowell Larson Drums-Steve Read Smith In 1994, my wife and I made a two month around the world trip, which included Japan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Holland, and England. I then wrote and recorded the […]

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I will soon record a piece I worked on during my two month stay in Naples. It is called Persnickety. I proceeded from the title which means: “Placing emphasis on minor details, fussy. Requiring a particularly precise or careful approach.” This meant writing somewhat detailed music that also makes a lot of use of space as well as intricate patterns.

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! As the year winds down, I am busy booking 2018 dates that will commence in March. I will be trying to compose some new material for next year. As usual I will be playing in two trios. East Side with Matt Senjem and Michael Bissonnette, and Sidewalk Cafe with Gary Schulte and Jeff Brueske. There will also be

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What Next?

After a year where we finished production on and promotion of the documentary film “A Life Well Played,” as well as releasing a new album, “Picture This,” and playing about 100 gigs during 2017 it is time to sit back and figure out what is next. My first inclination is to prepare a solo acoustic guitar set to be done

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On the Attraction of Music

I have been thinking a lot lately about why some music attracts my interest and other music does not. Then I thought about the music of two of my contemporaries who for reasons that will soon become obvious will remain nameless. Both of these contemporaries are solid technical musicians and prolific composers. They are also both very well known. Musician

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Finding Django

Django By reynold d. philipsek I was busy whispering a detailed explanation of Schopenhauer’s Philosophy of the “Will” into the eager ear of a young lady in the backseat of my 56′ Ford when it happened. Believe me, it took quite a jolt to disengage my attention at that exact moment. After all, I was only 18 years old and

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