Etude in E Major

“Etude in E Major”
(composed and performed by Reynold D. Philipsek 2012 copyright)

Vladimir Horowitz once said that it is not always the finger-twisting fireworks pieces that wow an audience that are difficult to perform and control but often it is the more concentrated things like a “Mozart Adagio.”

I have heard similar anecdotes from other virtuoso performers. A few years ago I began building my solo acoustic guitar repertoire with the eventual goal of filming a solo guitar recital for YouTube.

I still intend to fulfill this ambition some day but did do something similar for the added features on the A Life Well Played DVD extra feature.
In that case, the director (Rene Erickson), rented an old mansion in the Twin Cities area and we spent a day filming several solo guitar pieces.

At any rate, “Etude in E Major” is one of about 30 pieces I have diligently worked on the past few years. A piece like this is especially difficult, in my opinion, for a plectrum guitarist like myself.

Keeping the piece in flow and with continuity of line is an exercise in concentration and, remember, it must also have a lyrical and musical quality.