Joe Pass

I owe a lot to Joe Pass. Outside of Django I have learned more from him than any other guitarist I can think of though you could probably include Pat Martino in that group. I recently felt a “playing” slump which happens to musicians. For me, I can always snap out of by listening to Joe. So I put on […]

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Current music on my iPod

I have been listening again to the two guitar duet albums that Bireli Lagrene and Sylvain Luc recorded (Duet and Summertime). Probably the best acoustic guitar duet recordings I am a aware of. Also, there is a “new” Pat Martino album. Actually, it is a live recording done more than ten years ago but just recently released. It is another

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I have pretty much been in a band of one kind or another since I was twelve years old.That is an absolute fact. Consequently, I have played with many players over the past 50 years. My dreams at night often center around scenes that involve rehearsals or that moment right before performance on stage. In these dreams, I am with

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Thieves and Poets (John Mc Laughlin)

I have always thought that John Mc Laughlin (the guitarist and composer and not the somewhat “right” political commentator) was of legendary status. I am especially keen on Mc Laughlin’s acoustic guitar work. His early 1980’s albums like Belo Horizonte and Music Spoken Here are great records. But his 2003 record Thieves and Poets contains the three movement title track

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Sergio Fiorentino

The stories of unsung heroes in the music world seem endless. I recently ran across one more. Italian pianist Sergio Fiorentino (1927-1998) was a great classical pianist. His career started strong in the early 1950’s until a plane crash in 1954 disabled him for some time. By the late 1950’s he began to re-establish himself and made several recordings for

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