S.J. Perelman (1904-1979)

S.J. Perelman is one of my favorite artists.
Mr. Perelman was a humorist and writer. He essentially wrote short pieces in a very distinctive style.
His use of language and skill with words were and are highly regarded.
Many of his pieces (or “feuiletons” as he called them) appeared in the New Yorker and later were gathered into collections to create his books.
He was a miniaturist and I can relate to that. Many of my songs are short and concise and this sort of precision and focus resonates with me.

My favorite Perelman books are “Westward Ha” and “Acres and Pains” but, truth be told, I love anything by S.J.Perelman.

I have tried my hand at writing short humorous pieces as a hobby but I am so under the spell of the master that my attempts always seem like copies of his work.

If you don’t know his work I highly recommend it. I laugh out loud when I read his stuff and laughter is something we all need very much.