Author name: Reynold

Wes Montgomery

Since Wes Montgomery passed nearly 47 years ago (June 15,1968) there has been very little “new and unheard” material released. But there is a “new” Wes Montgomery recording released this month. “In The Beginning” is now available on Resonance Records. It is a two CD set which is also available on 3 vinyl discs as well. When Buddy Montgomery (brother

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Wayne Shorter

There is a long list of musicians who have turned my head but among those at the top of that list is certainly Wayne Shorter. Though it may not be apparent at first blush, he has influenced me tremendously as a composer. The almost “Webern-like” compression of his forms and highly efficient use of space and harmony is wonderful and

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Paul Desmond

I have been listening a lot to Paul Desmond  (born Paul Emil Breitenfeld; November 25, 1924 – May 30, 1977) again lately. I have always admired his skill and phrasing as an improvisor. Guitarist Jim Hall said that he could improvise melodies that were better than the tune he was playing on and I think that is true. He also

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Joe Pass

I owe a lot to Joe Pass. Outside of Django I have learned more from him than any other guitarist I can think of though you could probably include Pat Martino in that group. I recently felt a “playing” slump which happens to musicians. For me, I can always snap out of by listening to Joe. So I put on

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