20th Century Good-bye

(Composed and arranged by Reynold D. Philipsek copyright 1997 Zino-Rephi Music BMI)

Piano, vocals, guitar-Reynold
Cello-Dianne Tremaine
Flute-Kristi Kuhns
Clarinet-Kevin Stuevens
Percussion-Gomez de Riquet
Violin-Carolyn Boulay
Oboe- Marilee Klemp
Harp- Sunita Staneslow
Trombone, cornet and euphonium-Zane Schaefer
Engineer-Brandon Lenz

In the late 1990’s I came up with this song idea and went to great lengths to record this song by bringing in many instrumentalists to play their part. Each musician played several parts on their instruments to create a “violin section” or “cello section” etc. I thought the ending of a century and the start of a new one would be a bigger deal.

Lots of overdubs were done as the “orchestra” was built one track at a time.

I think the message of the lyric still applies. In fact, that message probably is more resonant now.
The subtle but persistent “tick” of time is presented through quarter notes on piano, percussion and pizzicato strings.

The late Phil Welter was one of my music theory teachers way back and it was he who suggested that I get a copy of the Rimsky Korsakoff book “Principles of Orchestration” and what little I know in this regard comes from referring to that.

Please, headphones help.

Stay well.
Be kind.


“20th Century Good-bye”

Some war, some peace,
All the happenstance between
Our two eternities in the meantime.

Is this an age of wonder of just Babylon?
A spectacular sunset mistaken
for a dawn at the same time?

Just where did the time fly?
20th Century Good-bye.

The rise and and decline
Of another chapter of mankind
In the meantime.

Is it random or design
that a million fates
all intertwine at the same time?

We all want to go to heaven
but we don’t want to die,
Like to take the plunge
and still keep dry in the meantime.