Wonder Why

(Composed, arranged and performed by Reynold D. Philipsek 2013 copyright Zino-Rephi Music BMI)
Recorded by Stymie Seamans

Humorist S. J. Perelman said that the best jokes are the ones most people never get. This can apply to songs as well. This song was my attempt at putting a “smiley face” on some existential pondering.

Musically I tried to make this song a little sunnier by applying some Rundgren-like chordal harmonies. Also, the song modulates upward at the end which is something I very rarely do. The sunnier harmonies and upward modulation are supposed to subliminally get the listener in a properly optimistic mood. But this song was a hard sell for some reason so periodically I trot it out and give it one more “last try.”

Peter Gabriel says that ideally, songs can be like “mood pills” that can be used for people to treat themselves with. I like that analogy and that thought is in line with the idea that “music is the future of well-being.”

I often prefer a pretty minimalist approach musically and lyrically and this song is a good illustration of that. Boiling down something nebulous to a simple theme is an idea I will always pursue.

Remember, I like feedback so feel free to give some.

“Wonder Why”

When reaching for a bluer sky
It’s hard to turn around and try
At really letting go of things you’ll never know
But wonder why

Still hinging hope upon a dream
Never taking things just as they seem
Makes for a harder trail
But somehow we prevail
And wonder why

When dark clouds invade my space
I want to hide buy I can’t wait till

I’ll figure out a reason why
I’m always up for one last try
So here we are again
Until the very end
We’ll wonder why

As always, headphones help on this one.
Be kind.