Rubinstein, Horowitz and others

After many years of listening to mostly Jazz and guitarists I have gradually changed my listening habits.

For over two years I have been mostly listening to and reading about classical pianists. Arthur Rubinstein is still a favorite but William Kapell, Dinu Lipatti, Alexis Weissenberg and Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli are on my repeat listen list. The fact that their world is essentially so different from mine not only piques my interest but also makes me listen (and consequently) play in a new and more concentrated manner. So this has not only become an interesting hobby but a useful tool.

These artists can all be sampled at YouTube.

Also, give David Dubal’s shows a listen as well. Mr. Dubal (a teacher at Juilliard as well as a superb radio host) has some fascinating shows and interviews on YouTube. His shows with Horowitz, Arrau, Weissenberg, Bolet and about Lipatti and Rubinstein and many others are well worth listening to.

This has been a real education for me and a great way to approach music in a way that is less guitar-driven .

At least this is how I am spending these long winter nights.