I will soon record a piece I worked on during my two month stay in Naples.
It is called Persnickety.
I proceeded from the title which means:

“Placing emphasis on minor details, fussy. Requiring a particularly precise or careful approach.”

This meant writing somewhat detailed music that also makes a lot of use of space as well as intricate patterns.
This challenge was a good starting point.
I also liked the sound of the word “persnickety”.
It sounds like the kind of title Monk would use.

I labored long and hard on this piece which is something that is becoming my method more and more as I get older.
This approach can pay high rewards if one is patient enough.

When the piece is finished I will most likely have a YouTube video created for it and when that is up and running I will post the link here.
Look for that by Spring.
In the meantime, I am happy winter is nearly over and while I was away, a lot of new performances have been posted on the Shows page.