Odds and Ends

(Written and arranged by Reynold D. Philipsek 1995 copyright)
Guitars, vocals-Reynold
Drums-JR Hammond
Bass-Luke Kramer
Cello-Ellen Gilson
Horns-Zane Schaefer
Engineer-Stymie Seamans and JR Hammond

In 1995 I tried to write something akin to a “musical” called “House of Curiosities.”

I wrote all of the tunes and assembled them on an album in 1995 by that name attempting to create a storyline narrative.
This tune is the grand finale piece.

I learned an important lesson on that project and that is that it’s a very difficult to construct such a beast. It gave me a renewed respect for the Sondheim’s and Bernstein’s of the world. This song works fairly well, however, though maybe some of the lyric references seem a bit obscure or arcane without the rest of the backstory. But the words still seem at least reasonably poetic so it passes that test for me.

After 29 years my attachment to a recording is sufficiently aged that I can almost render an objective reaction.

There have been times when my ambition exceeded my ability to fulfill the grandiose plan but I don’t regret having tried. I still make these sorts of miscalculations but they sometimes lead to discoveries that otherwise would never have been found.

Be safe.
Be kind.