Solo guitar-reynold

On May 17, 2008 I did a live performance/radio broadcast for WFMU from a small club called Barbes in Brooklyn, NY. I did two songs (the other song being my tune “Sans Souci”).

I did this tune at the show’s close and was told I had exactly three minutes. That is why this performance seems a little rushed to me. (I did manage to get the song played in a little under 3 minutes by the way). Also, at one brief point, you can hear a car alarm going off outside the club if you listen closely (it is Brooklyn after all).

My radio host friend Irene Trudel (whose voice you hear) had often given me some radio shots when I was in New York through either WFMU or through WNYC.

At any rate, even though I am playing the song a little faster than I would like to it is a completely passable version.
Of course, “Nuages” is Django’s signature tune and as we near the 68th anniversary of his early death at the age of 43 it is fitting to present it again.

Be safe.

Video below: