Last Summer

(Composed and arranged by Reynold D. Philipsek 2012 copyright Zion- Rephi Music BMI)
Recording engineer: Stymie Seamans
Reynold: guitar
Matt Senjem: bass
Michael Bissonnette: percussion
Doug Haining: sax

I hope 2023 is going well for you. Winter puts me in mind of summer so I thought of this tune.

When Clint Hoover (harmonica) left for Pittsburgh I was left with a few tunes I planned on our small combo (East Side) to record on what would have been our third album. This is one of them. A “summer” theme is what I personally had in mind for the East Side third record but fate intervened as it always does. Besides, I would have had to convince the other three guys about that. So, instead, I recorded some of the tunes anyway.

Be safe.
Be kind.