Karma Yoga

I have always been somewhat of a hobbyist with poetry. Aside from a few song lyrics I have not written much for about 20 years. The self-isolation and world situation has reactivated that idea. Take care. Reyn 

Karma Yoga” (reynold d. philipsek)

I sense no sign of diminution
No lack of longing here
The wish to justify this existence
is always present and ever-clear
A need to wax poetic
and fabricate some artifact
Goes well beyond self-indulgence
or self-congratulatory act

It gives life some purposeful meaning
in times of deep uncertainty
To speak some coded language
between our two eternities
Vague and timeless impressions overflow
and a reservoir does fill
Until nothing can be done but to
express life’s mysterious thrill

The mystic chords of memory
play a subtle Proustian game
that inform this lonely journey
then rekindle the fluttering flame
So once again pick up the burden
and gladly move it forward
It’s not about basking in any glory
or expectation of reward