Jim Hall (1930-2013)

I have been aware of Jim Hall for many years. Anyone interested in jazz guitar knows about Jim Hall. He was a very melodic, tasteful and measured player

However, when I was in my late teens my taste ran toward players like Django and Pat Martino. Still, I always liked Jim Hall and knew that someday, with some maturity, I would totally come around about him.

That day has come. Only recently I have become aware of the great period of creativity he experienced throughout his sixties and seventies. He made many recordings during that period and wrote a lot of music as well. His duet recording with Pat Metheny is probably the best known but he also interfaced with a lot of musicians from later generations than his own.

I especially like the album called Dialogues where he is teamed with Bill Frisell, Joe Lovano, Mike Stern, Tom Harrell and Gil Goldstein. Great playing and great tunes.

Jim was 64 when he made this recording and the way he continued to grow and explore throughout his seventh and eighth decade is something to behold. For me he is kind of like the Clark Kent of jazz guitar. He seems mild-mannered on the surface but something “super” was always cooking inside of him.