Imagine That

(Written and performed by Reynold D. Philipsek 1998 copyright)
Recording engineer: Stymie Seamans

This is the fourth and final song I am sending out from the “House of Curiosities” album. As I have stated before that project was an attempt to tell a story in song. Though in the whole the project didn’t fully succeed I do like some of these songs.

I have multi-tracked solo A Cappella songs before. Street corner NYC Doo-wop is the idea.

We triple-tracked each part except the lead voice to create a bigger “image.”

Todd Rundgren did a marvelous record called “A Caoella” in 1985. That album is a great template for this type of thing. In fact, in 1997 I contributed an a cappella track to a Todd Rundgren tribute album called “Grok This” which is still available on Amazon.

Be kind.

“Imagine That”

If your room is gloomy and your household’s bleak
Then there’s a place you should visit down on Uncommon Street
When you feel like a small boat that’s been lost out at sea
Then set yourself a new course with a sense of history
Imagine That

A mind can be a garden or a mind can be a dump
And you can take in this whole museum once you get off that rump
If you wanna make a Hollywood Epic out of your little life
You’ve need to a keep a sharp eye to best frame these times
Imagine That

Look around, think about it for a moment
We’re just lucky to be part of the parade
You’ll appreciate your place in time when you see the collection
Of all the cool junk that history’s made

We’re all Walt Disney
We’re all Picasso
So just grab a paint brush before you grow
All mean and ornery
Long-faced and sad
This has got to be the best life you’ve ever had
Imagine That