(Composed and performed by Reynold D Philipsek 2015 copyright Zino-Rephi Music BMI)
Recording engineer-Stymie Seamans

This is an odd little piece. They say Prokofiev kept a notebook with “tidbits” of ideas and when he began to compose a piece (like the Third Piano Concerto) he would consult this notebook when he got stuck. He then would find a “tidbit” that would be pliable enough to help finish the music. I have a similar notebook of ideas which goes back for well over twenty years or more. When I was putting “Fandango” together I did need a segue idea and I found one in that notebook that only needed a little shaping like key transposition.

In the improv I strove for the “continuity of line” concept which is a sort of “stream of consciousness” way to improvise where you concentrate on the even and continuous line formation and let the melodic shape go on by instinct. At least that is my theory.

As for the title, it is said that Ravel originally was going to use the title “Fandango” for what eventually became “Bolero.” Since Maurice isn’t using this title I decided to use it.

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