I have pretty much been in a band of one kind or another since I was twelve years old.That is an absolute fact.

Consequently, I have played with many players over the past 50 years. My dreams at night often center around scenes that involve rehearsals or that moment right before performance on stage. In these dreams, I am with an ever changing cast of characters. All of them from various stages of my past. A drummer from my first band in eighth grade will be on stage with the violinist I play with currently, a bass player I played with for a few months in 1975 and a drummer I played with for four years in the early seventies will all magically be there at one time.

Honestly, these dreams are very recurrent and the cast is ever changing and ultimately include almost every player I have ever known. The situation always seems absolutely natural even though these specific players would never (not in any situation) be able to coexist.

This is an interesting dream and not unpleasant. I imagine there is some Freudian explanation but it is not required information as far as I am concerned.