Dark Eyes

Performed and arranged by Reynold D.Philipsek
Recording engineer: Stymie Seamans
Video by Rene Erickson

Happy July.

I chose this recording to send out to bring in a favorite month/time of year.

This is literally the first song I ever learned on guitar when I was about ten years old. In fact, the reason I still play the piece in E minor (it is normally done in D minor) is because E minor is the original key I learned it in. I have been slowly developing my own rendition of this piece for all of that time. 

Obviously, my concept of the piece has evolved tremendously. My first youthful attempts were very simple, stayed in the first position on the fretboard, and had no improvisation.

The origin of the piece is Slavic/Russian and originated about 1843.

At any rate, this will likely remain my best recorded version of this piece.

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Always-Be kind.