(Composed and arranged by Reynold D. Philipsek, guitars played by Reynold, and keys by Gregg Inhofer)

I recently was looking through the many discarded song ideas that I have written down and strewn about in assorted stacks when one caught my eye. It was dated 5/14/10. Since Spring is upon us the idea of re-working a piece about a flower appealed to me.

I retooled some elements of the music by mostly taking things out because if I have learned anything it is that “less is more.”

The song owes a lot to Wayne Shorter. I am a great fan of his compositions and this one has elements that are not totally unlike “Fall” or “Nefertiti”.

The main section is 11 bars long and the Intro/Outro is 4 bars long. So the form fulfills my ambition for surprise, brevity and concision and the harmonies “open up” which is a good metaphor for a blossoming flower.

I also think the title “Chrysanthemum” has a certain ring to it that might appeal to Monk’s sense of mirth which amuses me as well.

The chrysanthemum is native to certain parts of Asia and North Eastern Europe.

I am joined by my longtime friend Gregg Inhofer on keyboard.
Click here to listen: Chrysanthemum