Afraid of the Dark

Halloween has always been a special time for me. In October of the year I turned 12 years old, I was so under the influence of Edgar Allan Poe that I took to going down into the basement each night to write some pretty bad Gothic poetry by candlelight with a homemade quill. My mother was amused by this phase but my father said: “the kid must have a couple of loose screws.”

I recently wrote and recorded “Afraid of the Dark” as my most recent homage to Halloween, though the song really has a somewhat deeper meaning. Please click on the attached link below to view and hear the new video and song. This is my third and last video single of 2019. Pass on the link if you like it.


Composed by Reynold D. Philipsek
2019 copyright Zino-Rephi Music (BMI)
Guitars, bass, and voice by Reynold, with keys by Gregg Inhofer, and drums by Beth VarelaAudio, produced by Reynold and Stymie Seamans
Video produced by Airburst Entertainment 

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