Stevie Wonder

Seems like I’m circling around my origins as a musician, which is my singer-songwriter phase. It’s been so long since I have done that sort of thing that many people familiar with my recent music and recordings aren’t even aware that I sing.

As I head back to this part of my musical identity I am revisiting the music of those artists who really influenced me.

Stevie Wonder is one such artist. A giant and in my opinion a true genius. And I rarely (almost never) use that term.

I am once again listening to his great recordings, especially the “Fulfillingness’ First Finale” album. Which, to me is amazing. Even 45 years later a true masterpiece.

I am currently putting the final touches on a recording a video done by my friend Rene Erickson, which will serve as my reentry point to the long dormant singer-songwriter aspect of my profile.