Someday Maybe

(Composed by Reynold D. Philipsek copyright 2007)
Guitar, vocal-Reynold
Bass-Matt Senjem

I have recorded three versions of this song. I have done this with several songs of mine. This is justifiable in my mind. After all, Django recorded several versions of “Nuages” and “Manoir.”

This is the only existing vocal version of “Someday Maybe.” I had high hopes for this song and its wistful nature. I added words because I thought that might put the message across better. Sometimes a song you really think has something doesn’t fully connect and others just don’t see the point. Not yet anyway. Someday maybe?

I also really like the fully “orchestrated” version that appears on the “Picture This” album. I think if I could pair the vocal with that version I’d really have something. Hope springs eternal and I’m not doing a fourth version.

I think the hardest thing to do is to write a concise song with no “filler” that’s somewhat simple and still has some complexity and inevitability to it. The odd combination of being totally original and yet seemingly familiar. Tall order.

The hardest work is to make a song seem effortless. Still, even when you think you did exactly that the world at large might not agree. But those are just the conditions of the tournament and the fact that I have been able to live a dreamer’s life as a songwriter is good enough for me.

Stay safe.