January 2021 Update

Today’s music link is the general YouTube link to my channel and you can find many of the best videos that were created for my music there. So please check out link at the end of this blog and view any or all the videos there you may not have seen or wish to see again.

The past year has been a trying one for us all but I think that is especially so in this country, which has had an inordinate share of COVID cases and deaths, combined with the unparalleled division and social unrest.

Times like this force some musicians (like me) inward in an attempt to try and turn this crappy time into something that can produce music that can be an anodyne for and antidote to the poisonous atmosphere we are in.

I am currently working on several ideas that I hope will eventually turn into a video for YouTube later this year. At present I have two “candidates” for this project but I am continually looking for, and I am open to new ideas, as well, in search of the best one. So everyday I’m working on it. What else can I do?

The bottom line is that I insist on making this time productive.

I will keep you posted.

In the meantime please stay safe.

I pray this year will turn things around.

Check out my Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ReynoldPhilipsek