Happy 2023

(Composed by Reynold D. Philipsek 2008 copyright Zino-Reph Music BMI)

The documentary “A Life Well Played” was released in 2016 and can be viewed in its 30-minute entirety at reynold.com.

Most of my bandmates, like Matt Senjem, Michael Bissonnette, Gregg Inhofer, and engineer Stymie Seamans appear in the film. Clint Hoover (harmonica) had by that time left for Pittsburgh.

So, about four years ago director Rene Erickson did post this outtake which features Clint and I playing a duet, which was done while Clint was back in Mpls.

I am glad to have some documentation on video with Clint, though we have three nice albums on CD that we made together.

Happy New Year.
Be kind.